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Barf für Hunde von Jake´s Wild
Ab 15kg versandkostenfrei


Chewing products for dogs in premium quality. We offer a large selection of  chewing items, fresh from our own production. Without medication, without additives, without chemicals, regional, hypoallergen, sustainable. Chews for puppies, for dental care or simply as a reward, with Jake's Wild your dog gets only the best!

Mystery Box sev sizes
Mystery Box sev sizes Mixed dried roe deer cuts
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Gesunde Produkte für zufriedene Hunde

Chew items for healthy and happy dogs. Dogs are much more than just pets to people. They are loyal friends and accompany us in all situations. They are always at our side. As a reward, you can look forward to delicious dog food, especially high-quality chews. The reason for this is given to dogs by evolution. They have a natural need to chew. When you chew, plaque is rubbed away and tartar is prevented. On the other hand, saliva flow is increased and the formation of bacteria is reduced. Chew products for dogs therefore ensure healthy and, above all, happy four-legged friends. Healthy chews directly from the manufacturer without artificial additives
Dogs are family and best friends. As a reward, you only earn premium quality dog ​​chews. We produce our chewing products exclusively in a purely natural way with no artificial additives, no chemicals and no medications. This promotes your dog's health.

With us you receive chewing products directly from the manufacturer. We source the goods from local forests in the region around North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Thuringia. This means we can closely monitor the entire production chain and ensure that your dog only receives premium quality chewing products.

Buy chews for dogs easily and conveniently

Every dog ​​has its own character and therefore its individual taste. The four-legged friends can be correspondingly picky when it comes to the type of meat or consistency, for example.

In our online shop you will find a large selection of high-quality chewing products for healthy and happy dogs. You can buy dog ​​chew items from us individually or together in so-called chew boxes. When shopping, you have the choice between traditional shopping (shopping cart, payment, delivery) or delivery at set intervals (subscription). Your benefits when subscribing are a discount on every order and the ability to cancel or adjust your subscriptions at any time on a monthly basis. This way you remain flexible and can react to your dog’s needs at any time.


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